Thursday, May 3, 2012

Google Docs gets updated with new fonts, templates

Google has given a facelift to its web-based office suite and data storage service, Google Docs, by adding 450 new fonts, 60 new templates and a host of other features.
"Often the best way to get your point across is to present your idea in a creative, captivating way,"Google software engineer Isabella Ip wrote in a company blog post. "Today, we added over 450 new fonts to Google documents to make it easier for you to add a little something extra to whatever you create."
To choose new fonts, users need to click on the font menu in Google Docs and choose, “add fonts” options. The link directs users to a database of all the web fonts available for Google Docs. The new fonts are also offered on Google's Web Fonts site for designers.
Google says its new templates are aimed for all kinds of purposes ranging from work, fun to holiday. New templates includes resumes, newsletters, recipes, photo sharing, and legal invoices.
In addition to hundreds of new fonts, Google has added a lot of new features as well - There are now a few more options for inserting images in Docs, including inserting from Google Drive, searching for images from the LIFE Photo archive, or taking a snapshot with your webcam. Also, charts in spreadsheets now has support for minor gridlines and options to customise the formats of axis labels. Moreover, Google Docs now supports screenreaders in presentations.

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