Thursday, April 12, 2012

Google+ gets redesigned, made 'more functional and flexible'

Google+ gets redesigned, made 'more functional and flexible'

Google has updated Google+, giving it a makeover, and adding plenty of new features, from new Explore and Profile pages, to redesigned navigation and Hangout interface. The new version of Google+ will roll out globally over the next few days, and was announced to the world in an official blog post by Vic Gundotra.
To update Google+’s navigation interface, Google has split everything into static icons, and a dynamic ribbon, which can be used to bookmark and manage applications, perform quick-actions, and more. The ribbon has been designed to allow for more new features.
The updated Profile page now features much bigger photos, and the new Explore page will display most trending topics across each user’s Google+ network. The chat interface has been redesigned as well, prioritizing important contacts.
In the blog post, Gundotra says the new design will help generate lively conversations, with users now able to share “full bleed” photos and videos, monitor an activity drawer surround your uploading content, and browse conversation cards to view discussions.
Users will now get a new Hangouts home page, allowing them view a list of all invitations, get pro tips, and quick access to public and On Air hangout with a carousel of popular hangouts to choose from.
You can check out a more detailed list of changes to Google+, here, and the images below for a quick look: 

New Hangout Page
New Profile Page
Bigger Photos

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